Project Description

Hearing aid supply, fitting & fine tuning & verification

Ok, you have been diagnosed with a hearing loss and decided to be fitted with a hearing aid. Congratulations, your life is about to change. But you might have a few questions such as:

Which hearing aid? Will it suite me? Will it be visible to others? How do I choose? Will I get used to it and will I benefit from it?

The good news is (remover comma) Middelburg Hearing Centre will be with you every step of the way. We will support you in this life changing journey. All your concerns and questions will be well taken care of.

It is in our best interest to take care of each and every individual’s unique needs. We’ll make sure that you are fitted with the ideal hearing aid and accessories that would without a doubt change your life for the better.

We’ll provide you with various options for you to decide. Once you have made an informed decision, we’ll go ahead and order the specific hearing aid. Approximately 2 weeks later we’ll contact you to arrange an appointment for the fitment. There after we will then give it a week or two for a follow up, just to check in and see how you are coping with your new hearing aid. Should you wish, we can adjust the hearing aid to a desired level until you are satisfied. Yes, it is as easy as that. Our door is always open and we welcome you to be informed, to be empowered, to be you, a new YOU!

And to top it all, we offer four follow up sessions within three months of initial fitment to ensure that you are completely satisfied. This enables us to meet the highest level of service that we strive to provide to all our patients.